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Congratulations to this month's winners. The Examiner and the Heart
Foundation work really stood head and shoulders above the rest. The
Examiner work takes tough issues and gives them a good single-minded poke
of the advertising stick. Heart Foundation takes a serious subject (is
there anything more serious than a heart attack?). And gives us a laugh,
while getting the point across. 

We also felt that Eircom had merit. While not the World's most original
work, it was well executed and made its point. On the craft side of things
we felt o2 deserved credit for direction. The performances don't feel like
performances and that can be tricky to achieve. While the art of copy is
still alive with the TV3 press ad. However, we did fell that this was let
down a little by the art direction.

I wish the decisions had been harder. But the amount of work submitted was
not huge, so please get the stuff in for next month.




No awards were given this month.


No awards were given this month


The Jury

Fintan Cooney, Client Services Director, Chemistry 

Mark Nutley, Deputy Creative Director, Irish International

Mark Tuthill,Creative Director,CKSK

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